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About Us

Workers' Directory Nexus(WDN)

Worker's Directory Nexus(WDN) provides a very simple and effective way to connect Candidates(Workers) with Companies(Employers), where, Candidates can maintain their up-to-date Profile and Companies can find their required Candidates for Vacant Job Positions.

How It Works.

The process is very simple and straightforward. Candidates looking for employment create their profile within WDN, and Companies can find Candidates with the Advanced Search Technology within WDN. For Candidates, it’s all free to use WDN and they can enjoy various perks as well, however, Companies need to pay a very less amount for each Candidate they opt to contact for the recruitment process.


Why WDN?

The conventional way of Recruitment Process is often tedious than not. Companies usually take services from Recruitment agencies, for job postings or direct hires, which takes both time and high cost. And whether or not Company can find the right Person is totally uncertain. Whereas in WDN, Companies can, do a quick search, filter results and get the Person they want, saving at least one of the two(Time and Cost) or Both, as simple as that.